"just saying I want to eat the face scrub every time I use it! I don't but on the plus side I bet it is safe enough to! which is why I love your products!" -Karen


"Love love love the lotion and lip balm!" -Melissa


"I used the Baby Bee Buttermilk tonight and it was awesome... thanks for the recommendation" -Michelle


"I am so in love with the Angel dupe... I wear it every day!" - Michelle


"I love your Whipped Body Butter!!! I purchased it in Agawam on Sat Nov 8th. Love that it's all natural & works/smells great!! Already telling people about it & will be ordering more!! Thanks! New fan in Columbia Ct❤"


"I bought a coconut lime shampoo bar 2 weeks ago at the Lenox farmers market and just used it for the first time today. I absolutely LOVE it!! I was a little nervous to try it but my hair looked so clean and didn't get oily looking at the end of the day like it usually does!! I will definitely be buying more products now that I know how amazing they are!" - Laurie


"I LOVE LOVE LOVE the roll on {Angel Solid Perfume}. I'm obsessed with putting it everywhere!!! I can't usually put anything on my skin because I'm so sensitive and I react so quickly. Since the roll on doesn't cause any kind of reaction I feel like a little girl who just found her sisters lipstick and is having a ball putting it everywhere!!

I'm a fan for life. So as long as you keep making it I'll keep buying it. And it smells divine, of course.  Thanks so much. Have a gloriously blessed day." -Victoria


"My husband and I both love your soaps and want to order more. They are awesome. We buy them every time we are at our place in  mass."


"Absolutely love your soaps! Our family has many skin sensitivities, I can rely on Simply Natural to provide a gentle clean with a variety of lovely scents." - Lucy


"Love, love, love these products. I've tried a few bar soaps and look forward to trying everything :)" - Amber


"LOVE LOVE LOVE the chapsticks!  They are wonderful!  My kids love them too and I dont have to worry about them getting gross and gooky.  " -Trish


"I've been using these products for years and am constantly amazed by their effectiveness and quality. They are made with love, respect and a true consciousness about what we put in and onto our bodies. I carry the bugspray with me everywhere I go, as it is perfect for these long buggy summer nights. Melissa is a true gem and I am proud to support her local business!" - Sandra


"Such wonderful, healing, softening, smelling, definitely WORKING products.  Not enough time to use them all - but I'm trying!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" -Donna


"The soaps i have used have been scented lightly so they wont compete with your fragrance, and I felt clean and moisturized without that "waxy" feel. I really like that they are chemical free, too!" -Lori


"Okay, so I have loved the soap for years, the bath scrub for almost as long, the soy candles for a short time (but still using them) and now trying more.  I can't say enough about how wonderful these products make me and my family feel.  The soaps are used by everyone in my family - including those with sensitive skin and they have never felt so wonderful.  Even my 16 year old, manly man, uses them because his skin feels so much better.  Congratulations, Melissa, on making the world a better place!!!!!!!!!!!!!" - Donna

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