Do you own or work at a retail location? A salon or spa? How about a restaurant with a gift shop?  Whatever your situation, we would LOVE to offer our products to you at wholesale pricing so that you can sell them at your location.  


Join the others who have seen our products and decided they were worthy of being sold at their business!


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Planning a wedding or baby shower? Or maybe a reunion or other large party?  Contact us for more info on custom soaps or other favors!  We offer a variety of mini or full size soaps in custom colors and scents.  


Curing times on soap are about 4-6 weeks and custom ingredients can take up to another 2 weeks to order so please be sure to allow your self a couple of months for custom orders and at least a month for large orders of our usual inventory.


Why give an ordinary party favor when you can give out a luxury bar of all natural soap!?


Do you own a Bed & Breakfast or an Inn?  Or another location where you need custom mini bars of soap, lotion, shampoo, etc?  Contact us for more info and pricing. We would be happy to help you offer your customers a better, all natural solution for their stay.  We can do custom labels in a variety of colors. Custom scented products and more!  


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